“The choir sang virtually the entire programme from memory, and proved itself an instrument of exceptional discipline, with outstanding intonation and very finely articulated singing. It was an engaging performance, with powerful and effective dynamic contrasts.”
Dan-Olof Stenlund, Piteå-tidningen, Sweden, 1983
“They stand for at least an hour and a half, without a single sheet of music. They just sing with infinite beauty and fix their gaze on their conductor. It is such pure and artistic music-making that one must remind oneself constantly: This is a choir made up in large part by teenagers from an ordinary school in Reykjavík, Iceland.” 
Lorenz Berglund, Svensk Körsång, Sweden, 1989
“The Hamrahlíð Choir, under the direction of Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir, gave a passionate, life-affirming performance. Their sound was homogeneous and pure, yet full of power. Kodály’s Matra Pictures were the perfect vehicle for the choir’s exemplary precision, its incomparable purity of intonation, and its wide dynamic scale.”
Lena von Bonsdorff, Hufudstadsbladet, Finland, 1989
“As the outstanding choir from Iceland began to sing, I could not help but envy the purity of their singing, their wonderful sound, and the joy which exuded from their performance. These youngsters from such a “cold” country transmit human warmth through their singing.” Chanoch-Ron, Jedioth-Achronot, Israel, 1995
“Glorious… a truly excellent choir.” 
Guy Rickards, Nordic Sounds, 2003
“The Hamrahlíð Choir was the star of the evening. Their sound was without equal; completely pure, transparent and confident even in the merciless coloratura passages. This was a genuine musical experience, both captivating and heart-warming.” 
Ríkarður Örn Pálsson, Morgunblaðið, Iceland, 2006