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  1. Hello! I love the recording of the song „Litlu Börnin Leika Sér“ that was used on the AP Music theory exam. I am a choral conductor in Reno, NV. Do you have information on how to obtain copies of the printed music (if there is any) for me to buy to use with my choirs?

  2. Hey, ich war am letzten Samstag in Basel auf dem Münsterplatz und habe eure gesanglichen Darbietungen mit Genuss mitverfolgt. Es war wirklich ein Ohrenschmaus und eine Augenweide. Weiter so! Es wäre schön, euch bald wieder hier in der Schweiz zu sehen und zu hören. Es würde mich ausserordentlich freuen. Ich wäre bestimmt wieder dabei.

    Freundliche Grüsse

    Hugo Kaufmann, CH-6130 Willisau

  3. I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful concert in Schaffhausen last Sunday! I could luckily hear you in Basel on Saturday, and only a day later in Schaffhausen again. Your wonderful voices really are admirable! It was so much fun to listen to you!
    We really liked the Lullaby you sang at the end of the concert. Unfortunately, we have forgotten the tune in the meantime, even more the words. Do scores exist of this song? Would it be possible to get them? I would be very grateful if you could send them to me!
    We will have our summer party of the Concert Choir Schaffhausen (Conductor: Guido Helbling) soon. It would be a great pleasure to sing this Lullaby with the choir then. And I’m sure Vreni would also like to get the scores – I could send them to her.
    I wish you all the very best and I do hope to see and hear you next year in Pécs!

    Kind regards
    Katrin Barandun

  4. Hello, I am the father of two boys singing in the Coro Clairière, one of the many participating at the Basel festival last week, like yours. It has been a great pleasure, to my ears and to my eyes, seeing you and listening to your voices, and to my soul feeling your joy in what you were performing in those days in Basel. My very compliments to you all !! Keep on like this !! I did also tons of photographs… and of course there are some of you all, too. If you would like to receive some of them, just let me know how to do, where to send them. It would be another pleasure for me, another way of telling you, again : „thank you so much !!“ .
    With my kind regards
    Marco Dolci

  5. Hello, I am from Columbus, Ohio. I recently purchased the sheet music on for three icelandic folk songs – settings by John Hearn. I noticed that Hamrahlid Choir has recorded this set. How could I order/purchase the CD recording — I think this may be on the 1993 recording of Icelandic folk music? Please confirm and let me know how to order this. Your help will be much appreciated. DJFlemming

  6. Íslensk Þjóðlög (1993)
    Album de Hamrahlíðarkórinn
    I’m looking got this album, can anyone help me find it. buy it? thanks. daryl flemming

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